Saturday, September 06, 2014

Sexual Morality As Contract Law

I've been following, with considerable amusement, (mostly through reading the headlines) all the hoo-hah about the "sexual assault" epidemic on college campuses. Here's a roundup of sorts if you haven't been keeping track.

My favorite story is that of a coed who, sleeping with her boyfriend, repeatedly told him she didn't want to make love, but finally gave in because he kept asking and she wanted to get some sleep. That a young woman thought she would lay in bed with a young man and not end up having sex amazed me. I thought we had fought the war against sexual prudery and the prudes had lost. Everyone was now being taught chapter and verse about sex in schools everywhere. This sort of ignorance was supposed to be a thing of the past.

Oh well, I guess not.

What is a thing of the past is the simple rule: wedding ring first, sex second. Instead, it's been replaced, at least at college, with a variety of contract law. Did she say yes? Did she repeatedly say yes? At any time, did she say maybe not? Was she of sound mind and sufficiently sober at the time? Do you have a sworn affidavit and three witnesses proving this was the case? How romantic!

Now that we've rediscovered that men want to sleep with women, men are more physically powerful than women and women get pregnant*, we need a way to deal with these facts in a postmodern, secular, non-judgmental, open-minded way. What could be better than sex tribunals run like a courtroom?


Little-known fact: In the original Robin Hood screenplay, this kiss celebrated the signing of a binding foreplay contract between Errol Flynn's Robin Hood and Olivia de Havilland's Maid Marian. While it looks like Robin has climbed a trellis to get to Marian's window, he is actually standing atop the 237-page document prepared by Marian's law firm of Dewey, Cheatem and Howe.
* - No, really! As crazy as this sounds, this is actually the way things work!


Foxfier said...

* even when they use birth control; learn to read and understand failure rates.

Had to turn off Bryan Suits' show on KABC the other day, he had the head of some "Advancement Of Men" group that wanted to make it so guys could have sex with assurance that they wouldn't need to be responsible for small human results. (It was his solution to those times when women have deliberately hidden their pregnancy and the child until the kid is an adult, and then go after the husband for support...which he dragged in to a discussion on the adult female/young teen boy cases where the kid becomes an adult and is hit for child support on the kid he and his family left with a known child rapist.)

K T Cat said...

Now that we've disposed of Victorian prudery and Christian objective morality, "Advancement of Men" and modern feminism is what's left.