Saturday, August 09, 2014

ISIS Is Cancer

... and you need to get it all, ruthlessly.

B-Daddy and President Obama are both missing the point here. B-Daddy argues in favor of a partition of Iraq along ethnic lines and suggests that ISIS is sowing the seeds of its own destruction by making enemies and being unable to govern its lands. Like they care.

The Obama Administration, in typically delusional fashion, wants to do a couple of little airstrikes and then support a peace negotiation process. That is utterly naive and doomed to failure.

ISIS has told us, in no uncertain terms what it wants. A culturally monochromatic Caliphate. It has shown us, clearly, what it wants. A culturally monochromatic Caliphate. Within their territory, they're crucifying people who don't convert. They are beheading babies. They are driving people by the thousands into the desert to die. To suggest that there will be negotiations or coexistence with such creatures is the ultimate in hallucinations. To think that such people worry about maintaining a society above the 7th Century level is optimistic at best.

If you don't join them, they will kill you. THEY WANT TO KILL YOU. They told you they would do it. They are doing it. Without mercy, without exception. That's incomprehensible in the Ivy League Ethnic Studies faculty lounge, but a lot of reality is. There is no negotiation possible. Limited airstrikes just mean ISIS gets to go on killing infidels in those places where there are no airstrikes. That's a lot of places.

Pick out Arbil on this map. Now pick out everywhere else. A few, small airstrikes are going on in Arbil. Everywhere else is an ISIS slaughterhouse.

There are rational, informed reasons to stay out of the whole mess. There are rational, informed reasons to commit to eradicating them with overwhelming force. To suggest there is some kind of middle ground or political solution is not rational.

ISIS has made targeting problems much simpler. In the areas they control, everything is ISIS so everything is a target. Everything. That plays right into America's greatest strength - overwhelming, unstoppable firepower.

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Trigger Warning said...

What you're seeing, o skeptical one, is the application of Smart Power™, as exemplified by the Kerry Doctrine: to wit, an "unbelievably small, limited kind of effort".

You can see the excellent results in Syria.