Monday, August 18, 2014

I'm Pretty Lucky

I live in a neighborhood where, if a cop shot a kid, I'd be able to shop at my local stores the next day. Others aren't so lucky. Whether they like it or not, their shopping areas get burned out when something like that goes down.

That's got to be pretty exhausting. You come home from work, you need to stop at the store to get something for dinner and you can't because the place has been burned down by some (probably very few) of your neighbors. So off you go to a different place, possibly much farther away to carry out mundane chores.

I doubt that you come home from that shopping trip pumping your fist in the air because someone stuck it to The Man. Nope, someone stuck it to you. That stinks.


Trigger Warning said...

Ferguson MO is a food desert in the making.

Foxfier said...

From the folks they've arrested, it's not even their neighbors. It's closer to being your neighbors.... (Yes, really, they arrested several folks from California.)