Sunday, August 31, 2014

Another Species

After the Ferguson riots, some stores aren't rebuilding. Gateway Pundit reports that one of the local gas station / convenience stores is leaving the area. In that post, there's this CBS interview of three young men from Ferguson complaining about the lack of opportunities.

The payoff quote, at about 0:50, is, "We tired of being looked at like we another species. It ain't even like we human," spoken to a CBS crew who clearly see them as another species.

The trio are able-bodied, covered in tattoos and one fondles a smartphone. They can barely speak English. Their choices in life have limited possible careers, but there are still plenty of jobs open to them. If they were able to find the disposable income for tattoos and smartphones, they've got the cash for bus tickets to get to where the jobs are.

Had the reporter seen these three as members of his own species, his own family, he'd have asked very different questions indeed. His reaction to their complaints would not have been to nod his head and implicitly endorse their statements.

What would you say to them if they were your own children?

In the Bakken oil fields there are plenty of jobs for guys like these. Here's one ad.
Eaton Construction LLC now hiring laborers for pipeline crews and taking applications for others listed. Pay DOE but ranging from $16-$28/hr. PIPELINE APPLICANTS must live in Eaton housing and no Per Diem will be considered for pipelining positions. Experience in oil & gas pipelining preferred but not necessary.
Yes, these three have lots of tats and judging from their speech, they probably read at the fourth grade level, but there are opportunities available to them, ones that pay a decent wage. Watching the video, you want to hear it discussed, but it never comes.

In the eyes of God, these young men are no different from anyone else. It's too bad the CBS crew didn't treat them like that.

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