Friday, March 14, 2014

Utopia Is Nigh!

Once we eliminate the word, "bossy" and allow two men to marry each other, all of our problems will be solved!

Yep, gay marriage and linguistics are our biggest problems and deserving of lots and lots of time and effort, just like our sociology professors have been telling us all along.

Blogger's note: I was thinking of using one of my favorite civilizational decay videos from Camden or East Cleveland, but I figured I'd mix it up with a Los Angeles Skid Row street walk.


Jedi Master Ivyan said...

off-topic: Saw this article and its comments section and thought of you.

K T Cat said...

I read the headlines on that one a while back and wondered about it. If the guy was being a total dingus, the hospital might start phoning its lawyers to figure out who has the final say in getting him out of the room so everyone can do their jobs. To me, it says more about how everyone has to worry about litigation than it does about an attack on dads.