Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On The Need For Chivalry

My favorite job at Catholic Charities is customer intake. It gives me a chance to chat with our customers and show them they're loved. When I get to do this job, I end my day with more energy than when I started.

When you do intake, you get to see the customers' profiles in our database. I've seen lots and lots of single women with children, struggling to get by. I've never seen a single man with children. I know such men exist because I've been one, but it's certainly not anywhere close to the norm. Knowing the single parent gender and poverty statistics is one thing, coming face to face with the people behind the statistics is another thing entirely.

More than half the time, the single woman's children have different last names, showing she's had several partners, none of whom stuck around to help her.

In my Twitter stream, I recently saw this tweet. Dig the number of favorites and retweets.
Chivalry may be out of favor, but it's not lost its value or charm.

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Foxfier said...

Friend on Facebook shared a picture of a kid's sad face, with the subtitle:
one in four kids will go to sleep tonight in a house with no father.