Monday, March 17, 2014

Can You Even Play This Song Any More?

Over the weekend, we went to see Wynton Marsalis in concert. It was fabulous. He had a 15-piece swing / jazz band and they played classic music from the likes of Duke Ellington and Count Basie. Before the concert started, we spotted a transvestite in the audience, decked out in a long, black evening gown and white opera gloves. All I could think of was this chestnut from the 1980s.

Are you still allowed to play this on the radio?

Explanation necessary in the year 2014: I thought the dude was kind of elegant. He had it all working and his accessories worked well with the gown. His hair was on the medium-short side, but it was well-coiffed. It was unusual enough to remark upon, but it was all one to me whether he decided to wear women's clothing or not.

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It came with straps (I'm assuming they need to be sewn onto the dress) that are spaghetti straps and a shawl, all of which are the same color as the dress.