Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Bee Ball

I came home yesterday to find bees swarming in the front yard. They weren't aggressive and ended up making a bee ball and bedding down for the night in a bush. A pest control expert said bees don't normally make a hive in a bush, so they're probably just resting before they move on later today. They were very peaceful and let me get close to take some photos. I left the photos fairly large, so they might be worth a click.



tim eisele said...

Cool! Too bad you didn't have a hive box on hand, you could have taken up beekeeping!

(Beekeeping is a lot of fun, provided you can train yourself to shrug off the stings.)

I understand that swarms don't generally go all that far from their home hive to form up this ball of bees, so I expect that one of your not-too-distant neighbors keeps bees. You could ask around, assuming that you don't already know who it is.

Incidentally, you might want to keep an eye out around your house. If there is an opening into your attic or wall anywhere, you might find yourself sharing your house with bees.

Anonymous said...

BTW, if a swarm if bees do show up, call a beekeeper. It sounds like your pest control guy is interested in keeping them alive. (Some idiot I know found a ball like yours and bombed them. I gave her he** for that.)

Theoretically, your county extension agent should know who to call.