Monday, February 24, 2014

Um, Where Is Ukraine's Money Going To Come From?

... and why did I end my title a preposition with?

From today's WSJ:
The Obama administration worked Sunday with the European Union to forge a much-needed financial bailout of Ukraine, but also extended an olive branch to Russia by inviting it to join the effort.
Emphasis mine for obvious reasons.

Ukraine is reported to have a serious debt problem, but it looks to be about 1/5 of Japan's.

Their lending rate is really high, though.

There's no question that something nasty has been going on in the Ukrainian economy leading to unrest. It's fortunate that we can still print money and hand it out. When the ability to do that comes to an end, places that go up in flames like Ukraine did last week are going to be on their own.


tom said...

First they're going to enact an efficiency... dropping "The" from their name. The savings in ink alone will allow for printing more currency.

And they'll tax people who insist on calling them "The Ukraine."

"The" Ukraine is a holdover from the Soviet days. It's not their name... ;-)

K T Cat said...

Hmm. I'm dubious of your claims. Sounds like a lot of IMF flim-flammery to me. I removed the definite article before the word "Ukraine" in the title and the rest of the post and then checked my bank accounts. No change.

However, I did note that my use of the word "comrade" decreased by 14%.

B-Daddy said...

"Ukraine has well-developed agricultural and industrial sectors, but dependence on steel and steel-product exports makes it vulnerable to global financial turmoil and Russian pressure. Its geostrategic location provides a vital energy transit route from Russia to Western Europe."
"The top individual income tax rate is 17 percent, and the corporate tax rate was cut to 19 percent effective January 2013."
Getting rid of corruption should lead to prosperity.

ligneus said...

What did you bring that book that I didn't want to be read to out of up for?