Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Overcoming Guilt So That You Can Keep Sinning

There are four things you need to know for this to make sense.

First, our Maximum Leader is fed out of a dish that lies on the first level of her cat tree. She's getting old and her arthritis makes it difficult for her to go up much higher with ease, so we leave it on the first level.

Second, the smaller Catican Guard loves cat food. I think it's just because it's different, so for her, cat food is a treat. 

Third, the smaller Guard is not allowed on the cat tree. After all, she is the Guard and our Maximum Leader is, well, our Maximum Leader. There are High Holy Places which are off limits to all but her. The cat tree is one such place. The smaller Guard knows this.

Fourth, after about 15 years together, our Maximum Leader and I have come to an understanding that she is allowed one snack each night at the time of her choosing. It maybe midnight, one, two, three fifteen, whenever. The smaller Guard knows this as well.

Every night, I'm awakened by Her Serene Furriness and we go downstairs together, after some ritual lovin's at the top of the stairs, and she gets her snack. I return to bed and witness the same struggle each time. The smaller Guard, who sleeps in our bed as befitting a Catican Guard of any size, tries to remain calm. Then she gets up and begins the licking spasms that are the telltale sign of agitation. Then she wanders a bit around the bed as if she's looking for a more comfortable spot.

And then she leaps off the bed and heads downstairs to hop up on the first level of the cat tree and see if our Maximum Leader has left any nuggets behind.

Temptation - a battle with the conscience lost - sin.

Certainly this is a nightly metaphor for our own struggles with evil. 

Well, until I simply close the door on the way back from the night time snack so no one can leave the bedroom. That takes care of that whole sin problem right there.

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