Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Odds And Ends On My Eighth Blogiversary

Today's my eighth blogiversary. Yay me! What started out as an effort to make some extra money has ended up as a colossal waste of time.

Just kidding. It's been enlightening for me. Probably dry and dull for you, but don't say you weren't warned*.

I'm down with a cold right now, so instead of some grand post summarizing the year which would bore you to tears, here are a few observations which will only bore you to a vague sense of melancholy and ennui.

Yellin's Testimony - In words, it was: "We're in unusual times and we must keep printing money!" In reality, the times are not all that unusual. No bank runs, no monster lines at soup kitchens, no major wars. Her position amounts to, "Now that we've started down this road, we can't figure out how to get off of it." The money printing will continue. Stocks will continue to rise. Until Japan folds. Then all bets are off.

Irregular Blogging - Up until recently, I had been blogging every day. Family commitments forced me to direct my energy elsewhere and I had to let go of the daily blogging routine. It was hard at first, but it's become easier over time. It helps that I'm a very backwater blog.

Twitter Cesspools - A couple of times this week, I dove into some Twitter streams that were horrific. One was an LGBT activist and the other a militant atheist. Well, that's what they called themselves. In point of fact, they were just potty-mouthed sociopaths. The further I dug through their streams and friends, the more potty-mouthed sociopaths I found. I'm not sure what to do with them. I follow a ton of Catholics on Twitter and comparing the two streams are shockingly different. I'm just not sure how to illustrate it without becoming a target, both on line and in person. These are very nasty people indeed.

Twitter Cesspools, 2 - When you got past the viciousness and filth, it seemed to me that what the sociopaths didn't like about religion in general and Catholicism in particular were the rules. They didn't want anyone telling them what to do. Defining sin in any way, shape or form was enough to drive them to, well, sin. Violent, hateful sin, if you get my drift. That was it. Let them go feral and they'll be fine. In fact, a feral subculture might be a good way to describe it.

Hmm. Feral subcultures on Twitter. That might be something worth exploring.

Catholic Charities - Last time I worked, we had about 6 Muslim women in full burkas show up to receive free food from the infidels**. One asked for pasta in their order, so I gave them this. As an LSU fan and South-o-phile, I look forward to hearing rebel ululations. :-)
And that wraps up another year of blogging. Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting. I have a good time doing this and it means a lot when you respond.

God bless you all.

* - In all honestly, you weren't warned. Go ahead. Say it.

** - They were pretty decent people. They were a trifle fussy and didn't say, "Thank you," but some don't. On the whole, I give them a 4 out of 10 on the Customer Scale.


Dean L said...

Happy blogiversary! You are getting pretty close to a decade. That seems ancient in blog years.

K T Cat said...

Get off of my lawn. ;-)

Rose said...

I'm glad you're here, you're a touchpoint for sanity.

I think I first found you on a post about Global Warming, and was so glad to find someone saying, "hey, whoa, waitjustaminute here..."

And the Castor and Pollux posts. :) And the Maximum Leader, and hamsters....

__iiiiiiii__ Happy Birthday.

K T Cat said...

Thanks, Rose.

Rose said...

And your World Of Good posts, that should be a viral meme.