Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Give Them Clothes And Lawyers

... and you get the people suing Catholics* and Catholic institutions over gay marriage issues.

Pro-abortion protesters in Spain attacking a Catholic bishop.

In a courtroom, surrounded by lawyers and dressed properly, almost anyone will look sane, serious and respectable.

There are more and more of these people all the time and the Church, unlike the government, doesn't have infinite resources. Some number of these nuts have always been around, but with recent court rulings against Catholic businesses and wiping out elections like Proposition 8, they've grown bolder. As well they should. The rewards for attacking us are getting better all the time.

If you're a libertarian and think we social conservatives are just so much chaff that can be abandoned to crazies like these, read this. Here are just a few of the payoff tidbits.
Who is challenging Obamacare and on what grounds? Are the libertarians waging lawfare against it? Not effectively, but the Green family and the Catholic Church are. Who are they? Social conservatives. They’re fighting one of the most egregious assaults on personal liberty in a century, on religious freedom grounds. And they have the best standing chance of at least rolling back Obamacare’s attack on religious conscience — an attack, by the way, that libertarians mostly ignore. If they win, though, some measure of liberty will be restored — without the help of libertarians...

The fact is, telling us social cons to shut up is a recipe for demoralizing and destroying the GOP at its base. It would take the cornerstone of the Right out of the movement. Coastal libertarians are not the base of the Republican Party. They don’t man phone banks (sorry for being gender normative there), they don’t conduct block walks, they don’t even usually run for office. They can’t even build a viable movement in their own states. They tend to just tell the rest of us why we’re wrong, when we’re doing those organizational things that make the party tick and give it some power. The lectures are getting old. Tell me that California’s Republicans have a single useful thing to offer Texas’ Republicans. Go ahead.
Did I mention that some solitary loon, like the deranged women in the video above, managed to get the Mt. Soledad cross taken down even though it took years and years in court? The attacks on the Church don't have to be organized or even effective. They just need to be numerous, relentless and dismissed as unimportant by the general population. With us out of the way, the fascists will only have to deal with the libertarians.

Have fun standing against that machine alone, guys.

* - There are a lot of people fighting for traditional marriage, not just Catholics. I used the Church as a shorthand for all such allies because I couldn't think of a way to describe the general group without making a hash of the prose.

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I thought the saying was "send lawyer, guns and money"?