Monday, February 03, 2014

Beyonce With The Sound Off

I challenge you to watch Beyonce's performance at the recent Grammys with the sound off and see what you think. I did and immediately thought of Sister Clare's blog post, And the Grammy Goes to ... Satan!

Two other things crossed my mind. First, with the sound off, the performance looks like something from a low-budget Roger Corman teen sexploitation film. Something that would be called "The Devil's Prom Night" or "Demons Within." Beyonce's "dance" is utterly artless. It's the Reefer Madness of sexuality.

Second, back when I was dating, any woman who dressed or behaved within three standard deviations* of this would have instantly been labeled as desperate and for good reason. I would suggest that things haven't changed. When I read about the hook-up culture, the amount of porn being consumed, the number of babies born to single women, it sure looks to me like all kinds of women are desperate.

Oh well, it's probably just part of social conservatives' War on Women. Just to be safe, let's bankrupt the Little Sisters of the Poor in support of free IUDs. That should fix things.

* - I'm sure Beyonce's deviations are not standard. They probably involve power tools, vats of industrial lubricants, live scorpions and dead marsupials.


Mostly Nothing said...

You may have something with women being desperate. I've thought for a long time that young woman, teens and 20s, must have extremely low self image.

If you look at the low life males they follow around, with there pants hanging down, and looking mostly like a junkie. Do these woman have no choice at all?
If the women would demand the "men" in their lives act and look like they could be a real productive member of society, instead of a punk that is a complete drain on the nation, maybe they would behave better and everyone would be better off.

Make you long for the preppy days of the superficial 80s.

Obviously the NFL agrees, they put up a superbowl so awful we haven't seen the likes of since the 80s.

K T Cat said...

MN, I'm with you. Whether or not the quality of the guys has gone down, the amount of skin a girl has to show to get some attention certainly has gone up. Our daughter doesn't play that game and is repelled by the skanks around her. She says the same thing you do, wondering where these girls' self-respect went.

Jedi Master Ivyan said...

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