Monday, November 04, 2013

The Best And The Brightest

... created Obamacare and it ended up a total train wreck.

In watching the Obamacare catastrophe evolve, one thought in particular has been going through my mind: there aren't any excuses this time. The law was passed without any need to negotiate or compromise with the infidels on the right and then it was implemented by an Administration full to the gills with Ivy League (and equivalently credentialed) geniuses. If this sort of thing was ever going to work, this was the time.

I've read the comment threads of many articles describing the unfolding chaos and there's an undercurrent of excuse-making that suggests the implementation was somehow polluted by conservative impurities or profit-mongering on the part of the insurers and contractors. That leads to the question, just how perfect did the world have to be in order for Obamacare to work?

Maybe we just don't spend enough money on colleges and the people creating Obamacare weren't sufficiently educated. (Image source.)

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