Saturday, November 02, 2013

A Magpie Miracle?

True story. This morning, Newcastle played the early game. I was able to watch the first half before I had to get ready to go to the Cursillo Mass and get together. Newcastle were playing Chelsea. You had to figure Newcastle was going to lose by at least four goals, Chelsea is that good. Thanks to a very gutty performance by the Magpies, at the end of the first half it was still a scoreless tie.

I got ready for church and drove down to Chula Vista for Mass. I checked Twitter before I got out of the car and found out that Newcastle had scored a goal and was leading 1-0 with 8 minutes to go. I went into church and debated whether or not to leave my phone on to secretly check Twitter for game updates. I decided not to, so I turned the phone off, figuring I was offering it up to God.

Three minutes later, a shaft of light no bigger than my chest comes in through the stained glass window on the far side of the church and the only thing it illuminates is the Newcastle logo on my t shirt. At that moment I knew exactly what had happened. And sure enough when I checked the score after church on Twitter it had. Newcastle had scored another goal and beat Chelsea 2-0.

A sign from God? A miracle? Total, ridiculous coincidence? You decide. All I could do was laugh.


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