Thursday, September 05, 2013

Green, Leaf-shaped Grasshopper

We found this handsome chappie in our back yard the other night and he held still for me while I fried his retinas with macro, flash photos. The poor thing has a confused look on his face as if to say, "Why do you keep doing that flashy thing to me?" My favorite part is the leaf-texturing along his sides. He's not just leaf-colored, he's leaf-shaded. Well done, sir!

I left the photos large so they might be worth a click. I'm hoping Tim could do a quick ID here. I started to peruse the bug guide, but ran out of time.


tim eisele said...

You're right, that is more colorful than my grasshopper nymphs.

Nice katydid. It looks like one of the angle-wings in the genus Microcentrum. Given your location, and the dark eyes, I think the most likely is probably the Southwestern Angle-Wing, Microcentrum latifrons. This would be a good one for you to submit to BugGuide, because if it is the Southwestern Angle-Wing, you would double the number of pictures of this species that they have (and it would be the first pictures from California). This would also be a good way to be more sure of the ID, because I could easily be mistaken.

K T Cat said...

Thanks, Tim! I'll be happy to send this along to the Bug Guide folks.

Anonymous said...

Those things are all over my house right now.

Anonymous said...

I found one on my back porch about a half hour ago. It was making screeching noise. I caught it in a cup and put in a small cage with a water dish. I want to keep it until Monday so my granddaughter can give it a name and than let it go. What do they eat so I can keep it alive.