Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What Happened To Their Hearts?

Link of the day - Front Row At The Gosnell Horror Show. Excerpt:
The evidence that kept emerging the few days I was there is jaw dropping and poignant. Dr. Hellman explained all the charts that medical professionals have to work out the age of a fetus. They measure the length and width of the baby, they weigh organs, and they compare them to charts of previous autopsies of babies whose age they knew. Dr. Hellman said that based on the charts, he conservatively estimated Baby Girl Manning was between 28- and 29-weeks-old.

He was asked about another incident where a member of staff described an “aborted fetus” as being 18 inches to a foot long. Dr. Hellman was asked to estimate the child’s age given those dimensions. He replied simply that such a baby would be “off the charts.” In other words it was a fully formed baby whose delivery was engineered so that Dr. Gosnell could push a pair of scissors into its neck to snip its spinal cord.
Confession: I love babies. I have very strong parental instincts. My wife does, too. We can't wait to have grandchildren. The more the better.

Not everyone has such strong affection for babies, but for crying out loud, what happened to these people? Babies were born, wriggling and crying and doing all those baby things biologically engineered to drive us to instinctively protect and care for them and the staff shoved scissors in their necks.

I'd compare these people to the members of the Einsatzgruppen, but those poor devils at least had some vestiges of morality.
Shooting on this scale, particularly of women and children, was destroying the morale of the Einsatzgruppen. Some committed suicide, or were admitted to mental asylums. As Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski allegedly said to Himmler after the latter had witnessed a shooting action at Minsk in August 1941: "Such men are finished for the rest of their lives! What kind of followers are we creating? Either neurotics or brutes."
I'd read elsewhere that the soldiers in the Einsatzgruppen took to alcoholism in a big way. There's no report that Gosnell's employees had similar problems.

What in the world happened to these people?

Shooting adults at a distance as part of a group sent these men around the bend. Stabbing babies in the necks with scissors did ... what?


Doo Doo Econ said...

Gratitude for keeping on target with this post. As horrific as Boston is, Gosnell was vastly more deadly.

The tragedy is that the news cycle now may change. The new media had won and made Gosnell known. A tip line for reporters who faced editorial spiking of the story began. Major news outlets began calling this a cover up on the morning before the Boston attack.

It is my hunch that big left money is involved in the Gosnell case. Money which now threatens to continue unrevealed.

Even trusted sources resorted to posting horrific pictures to get web traffic. At least two false Boston stories quickly were unleased on twitter. One about a 8 year old girl running for Sandy Hook being killed and the other about a boy who was going to propose at the finish line. Both stories were pushed by fake twitter accounts en mass.

K T Cat said...

Thanks, DDE. As horrible as Boston was, it's not a societal marker like this one. It's not just, "What happened to the staff?" it's also, "What happened to the media?"

How can you hear about this stuff and not scream at the top of your lungs? Have we become so callous that politics trumps instinct?

tim eisele said...

Even P.Z. Myers is appalled by this.

The real horror here is that he was knowingly murdering babies, *in direct violation of the law*, and he was *still allowed to get away with it for years*.

Like this guy, who murdered dozens if not hundreds of hospitalized people, and it took forever for anyone to even *notice*, and to stop him.