Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Pink Police State Is Unsustainable

James Poulos has a term for America's parallel descents into libertine morals and massive government - the Pink Police State. Here's a sample of what he had to say about it.
So citizens of a Pink Police State (I should say subjects) are apt to surrender more and more political liberty in exchange for more and more cultural or 'personal' license. And the government of a Pink Police State tends to monopolize and totalize administrative control while carving out a permissive playpen for the people.
Read the whole thing. It's excellent.

As I've blogged ad nauseum, the libertine culture's deliberate destruction of the traditional family wrecks the economic foundation of the nation by producing an ever-growing percentage of marginally employable youth. Meanwhile, the State takes greater and greater responsibility and control over our lives to provide what we need so we can pursue excess. Unable to pay for those things because the tax base is shrinking while the spending demands increase, we get juxtapositions like this one from today's Der Spiegel.

We need to keep borrowing. We want to eliminate any hierarchy of sexual relationships.
The culture that produced unsustainable debt is the same one that wants to eliminate any preference for the traditional family. We're not such a complicated species that the same forces aren't at work in the two places.

Enjoy your libertine moment in the sun. It won't last.


Becky said...

I did read the whole thing. It is very well put.

I get nervous when old lefties celebrate the youth vote. The youth vote is the "sex vote" for the "pink police state."

Marx is winning.

K T Cat said...

Becky, the "sex vote" is an excellent name for it. Thanks for the comment!