Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm Sorry, She's Busy. Please Come Back Later.

The Head of the Catican Guards protects our Maximum Leader during her afternoon meditations.
Note: The odd stripe coming diagonally down the stairs is an artifact from using the Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop. There was a patch of sunlight from our skylight on the stairs and the image came out in a dark section and a very bright section. Sloppy use of the Quick Selection Tool allowed me to increase the brightness on most of the dark section of the image, but I missed that strip. Oh well.

I left the image fairly large, so it might be worth a click to see the big version. I love these two dearly, so that advice comes from a highly biased source.


tim eisele said...

I am amazed that the Maximum Leader, at least, was not laying in the sunny patch. Did the sunny spot move after they both laid down, and neither had gotten around to moving to follow it yet?

K T Cat said...

Laying at the edge of the stairs allows her to keep an eye on her subjects below in the hallway and living room. She loves that.

She's also not much of a sun cat. All the black fur gets hot pretty quickly so she doesn't spend a whole lot of time in the sun, especially in the summer when it can get into the 100s out here.