Thursday, October 11, 2012

Morley Safer, Guardian Of The Truth

So the old 60 Minutes hack Morley Safer doesn't like citizen-journalists. Not even a little bit.
In fact, he's downright "appalled" by the whole idea of Internet journalism and seems to wish it would all just go away. We need to leave the "reporting" to him and his professional class of "real" journalists, Safer sonorously declared...

Safer, a Canadian, admitted that he "sounds like a Neanderthal" with his hatred of citizen journalism -- which, he said, he'd trust as much as he'd trust "a citizen surgeon" -- nonetheless he rejects the idea that mere citizens can be a legitimate source of news reporting.
I think the worst part for Morley is that stories like this are sneaking past the 60 Minutes Guardians and are making it into the public eye.

Wormtongue. Err, no, that's not right. Morley Safer. Yeah, that's it. Morley Safer.


Doo Doo Econ said...

Another example of the beltway bubble bursting after the President's debate debacle. Obama's numbers in that debate have fallen from 25% win to 14% and the media can't protect him.

Queue lamentation by liberal media...

Secular Apostate said...

Citizen journalists are like "citizen surgeons"?

One word, one phrase: Rathergate, "Fake but accurate".