Monday, October 01, 2012

Lobbying For A Crosswalk In Front Of Auschwitz

A friend on Facebook is a big supporter of California's Proposition 34 which would ban capital punishment. She's a devout Catholic and a big time lefty. She's pushing it on FB as a way of saving innocent lives.

In CA in the last 10 years, there have been 4 executions. At the same time, there have been about 2,100,000 abortions (some work is required to create the statistical table at that site).

If you're seriously pro-life, supporting Prop 34 is like lobbying for a crosswalk in front of Auschwitz so no one gets accidentally run over by Eichmann's staff car.

Here we see Eichmann's driver waiting for a signal from the crossing guards. Innocent lives have been saved!
Elsewhere: Left Coast Rebel has a terrific breakdown on the CA propositions.


Left Coast Rebel said...

Thanks for the link!

tim eisele said...

In her defense, I think she has a point even for people who do hold a "seriously pro-life position". Consider that pushing for outlawing abortion while still allowing execution is basically handing your opponents ammunition. They can come right back with, "Oh, sure, you want to protect the unborn, but as soon as they are born they can go hang!" or words to that effect. I'm sure you've heard that argument already, wouldn't it make things easier for your position if it couldn't be used?

And using your own example: If Eichmann is off to commit murders that you can't stop, but you can stop him from running over someone, shouldn't you at least save the person you can?

Secular Apostate said...

Well said, Tim. I appreciate what Senor Gato is saying (and his frustration), but I think you're right.

K T Cat said...

My answer to both of you is this: If you care about saving innocent lives, you'd be better off worrying about great white shark attacks than executions. Executions simply aren't happening.

As for abortions, with 2.1 million in the last ten years, you'd be bound to do better working with Birthline or Rachel's Hope than fighting against capital punishment.

If you're going to fight against executions in California, why not support free Kevlar vests for all to save us from unicorn attacks? Those horns can kill you!

B-Daddy said...

I am against abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia and the ACA for the same reason; we cannot have the government condone or perform acts that take human life. I believe that working against the death penalty will ultimately help the case to ban abortion, because of the morally consistent argument to be applied. I thought, you of all people, would appreciate that. The issue isn't the practical nature of the executions, but the fact that we permit the practice at all, as a matter of law.