Tuesday, May 29, 2012

OK, Maybe I Don't Know What "Bold" Means

From Reuters comes this gem: France's Hollande makes bold debut on EU summit stage.
(Reuters) - At his first meeting of EU leaders, with the hotly contested issue of shared euro-zone debt top of his discussion list, France's new president made it clear on Wednesday that he intends to stand up to Berlin on European policy... 
It was an audacious debut for the newly elected French leader who, despite his placid manner next to his often pushy predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, believes firmly that Germany should not have the sole say in pulling Europe out of crisis. 
Emboldened by growing support for his pushback against German-led austerity, and mindful that voters are watching ahead of a legislative election on June 17, Hollande even broke with the usual Franco-German pre-summit meeting, instead holding talks with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in Paris.
I'm not quite sure how this works in the real world where Germany is the only nation in the EU with even the slightest financial ability to drag the rest of them to safety. It made me think of a family where only one member has a steady job and the rest spend their time getting wasted and living one step ahead of the bill collectors. I'd rewrite it like this.
(Reuters) - At a family party in the Quiet Valley Trailer Park, with the hotly contested issue of cosigned auto loans top of his discussion list, Frank Hollande, Angela's little brother, made it clear on Wednesday that he intends to take advantage of some MoneyTree short-term loans to stock up on Pabst while it's on sale at the MiniMart... 
It was an audacious debut for the newly unemployed high school dropout who, despite frequently drinking himself into a coma, believes firmly that Angela should not hold out on the rest of the family. 
Emboldened by growing family support for his demands that Angela pay off the car loan she cosigned with him, and mindful that other family members are facing similar threats from collection agencies, Frank even broke with the usual phone call to Angela promising to get a job, instead holding talks with his brother, Mariano, who is facing eviction from his duplex after Mom's inheritance ran out.
France's Hollande make a bold debut!


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I don't know how this is attacking Barack Obama, probably just because Hollande is a socialist, but I better let @truthTeam2012 know about this post!

Ohioan@Heart said...

From Dictionary.com:
...4. beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; ...

i.e., "I don't care if you are the only one with money. I'm not going to act your way, but instead I'm going to spend and spend and spend until I have enough money."