Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Internet Saves You Time

Sunday morning. The replay of yesterday's Newcastle-Tottenham game is available on now. I've assiduously avoided looking at the soccer sites on the Internet so the game is new to me. It's a big game as Newcastle needs to win to keep 5th place. Tottenham is a top 4 team, really tough. It should be a good match.

I wake up before everyone else and come downstairs. Turn on the coffee. Warm up the old Google TV. Bring in our Maximum Leader for breakfast. Newcastle coffee mug full of delicious black poison and wearing my Jonas Gutierrez jersey, I have a seat and flip on the game, laptop on my lap.

4 minutes in, it's 1-0 Tottenham. 6 minutes in, it's 2-0. OK, that's enough of that. Click click click and I'm reading the postgame analysis on the NUFC blog. 5-0 Tottenham final and it wasn't even that close. I grab the Google TV remote and click away. Wolves will be on live at 0530. Hopefully that will turn out better than this catastrophe.

Back in the old days, we would have spent another 90 minutes watching the whole game on our Google TV and RCA black and white set, hoping the lads could stage a miraculous comeback.

Update: Good Lord. Wolves lost, 5-1. My EPL teams lost by an aggregate 10-1 this weekend.

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Dean said...

KT, I've been thinkig of doing a piece on how the advancements in technology at our own personal disposal mute to a large degree the income inequality argument.

Technology-wise, a 20 year old is probably closer to Warren Buffet than you or I would have been to Gordon Gekko lugging around that brick cell phone some 25 years ago.