Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Big, Hairy, Green Spider

... or maybe a Watermelon Spider* since the abdomen looks like a watermelon. Either way, he was pretty cool. We found him meditating in the Catican. I left the photo fairly big and he's worth a click to see him in full detail. The eye structure in particular was fascinating for me.

* - In reality, it was a Green Lynx Spider, Peucetia viridians. Identification thanks to the Spider Identification Guide. You can read lots more about him here.


tim eisele said...

What an excellent spider! So very green and bristly!

And thanks for the link to the Spider Identification site.

Foxfier said...


I've been on a spider-twitch for the last week or two, when I was re-organizing the living area and pulled a spider my brain ID'd as "black widow" out from under my computer desk.

(we're pretty sure it was in the packing of our new furniture, since I've never seen ANY other black widows in our home area, the place we got the furniture was perfect for them, it was HUGE and an extensive search of the house found no other spiders, let alone black widows. Our brave Sano the Wicked has learned that creepy-crawlies are made of food.)

Kit picked up a new trick: shriek and slam a book against the ground. ;^p

Right after killing it, I thought that I'd mistaken a harmless spider for a black widow, since it was slightly dull colored and more brown than black and I hadn't rolled it over to check the stomach, although the shape was right... then my mom reminded me that they do vary in color, even a dull brown that looks like leather.

Kelly the little black dog said...

Well that explains the cat on the shelf in the previous post!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to to tell you about the urban legend of the infamous "butt spider", but it would take too long. :P

K T Cat said...

Butt spider? Ewww!