Saturday, February 19, 2011

Forget History, He's On The Wrong Side Of Math

So President Obama has decided to mobilize Mobilize America* and support the Teachers' Union protest in Wisconsin. Maybe he's forced into this because the unions are a big part of his coalition, but it looks like a sure loser to me. If the unions win the day, they'll end up with layoffs instead of benefit cuts. The math is against them.

Further, in many cases, the teachers called in a sick day to protest, closing down some schools. Moms and dads had to scramble to find a sitter for Junior so the teachers, whose pay is probably higher than theirs and whose benefits almost certainly are, could run off and chant in unison. Again, probably not a good move, particularly in a state where Obama's side just took a historic beating.

Writing that last sentence and considering the budget he just released, it looks over and over again like the guy is completely disconnected from reality. Wisconsin has to balance its budget by law. There aren't too many places to cut. The electorate in Wisconsin just let everyone know they've had it with the Democrats. Obama is doubling down on a losing hand by sending out his own political action group to man the front lines.

Crazy, man. Crazy.

Civil discourse!

* - Or is that organize Organize America? Whatever.


B-Daddy said...

The purported issue that has energized the unions is the removal of collective bargaining. I think they are really more worried about "right to work" provisions and the removal of paycheck deductions for union dues. My sense is that they would accept the benefit cuts, knowing they could wait for another day to recoup their losses.

K T Cat said...

I understand that part of the issue, but this still looks like a total loser to me.

ligneus said...

If you wanna know why he's backing them and sending his minions to Wisconsin, check out this video

ligneus said...

Guess the link doesn't work, try this.

B-Daddy said...

The unions have said they will take the benefit cuts. I posted a more detailed discussion of my concerns.