Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Expensive Food

My wife and I both have the flu this week. Instead of cooking fresh food as we normally do, we're going for the prepared stuff. We went with Marie Calendar chicken pot pies and some fish sticks. The trip to the store to buy those cost more than any other trip I've had yet, including ones where I've bought steaks or seafood.

Not caviar, but almost as expensive.


tim eisele said...

Yes, it's amazing how much extra one pays for pre-prepared food. A bag of flour costs much, much less than an equal weight of loaves of bread.

Captcha word: "boxidise" - setting fire to cardboard boxes.

Dean said...

A couple of years back, someone did a great write up of how expensive it is to be poor.

Buying one-offs like a gallon of milk at a time and corn dogs at the corner drug store instead of bulk purchases and fresh produce at the supermarket or evil big box retailers is a killer.