Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Review: Transend Email Migrator

Short version: It is the greatest thing ever created by human hands.

Longer version: I'm reluctantly migrating from Eudora to Outlook 2010. I figured Outlook would be able to vacuum up all my email fragments into a single system, fragments created by more than a decade of hard drive recoveries and email upgrades. I was wrong. This is what I got from running the email import wizard in Outlook 2010:

Dear Microsoft: You suck.

I then did a Google search on email conversion and found Transend. Having nothing to lose, I bought it for $49 and it converted my email perfectly, importing it into my existing PST file, thoughtfully placing these new folders in a subfolder which was clearly labeled so I could move the folders around afterwards as required.

Transend rocks. It does exactly what I needed done. It's going to solve a long-standing problem that has been driving me crazy. I hope that each member of the Transend team gets one of these for Christmas.


Jeff Burton said...

Like stepping off a leaky lifeboat and on to the Titanic. Good luck.

K T Cat said...

Once Outlook has sucked everything in, it should be stable, right? Right?

(Cue ominous music ...)

Jeff Burton said...

"Sucked everything in" is a perfect description of what it has done.

You know, if I were blogging (again), I would cook up a post right now comparing how data is like the lump of gold in "Hans in Luck." It's very freeing when you lose it. Hans in Luck is my metaphor for migrating e-mail data through various version of Outlook.

Alex said...

MS Outlook has many interesting features. Once I used one of them and was very upset because of I lost all my email data. It's so fortunate that I could work out this problem with the aid of next software. It should be effective not only for this question - export ost file without outlook.

Anonymous said...

Hey K T Cat!
I can relate to your comments... been agonizing over this migration FOREVER. Aside from having to adopt Outlook (which I hate) this Transend thing really works?