Thursday, December 16, 2010


Let's buy another round of ouzo for our Greek friends!
ATHENS — Thousands of Greeks took to the streets of the capital on Wednesday for a protest against a fresh wave of austerity measures which was marred by violence as a general strike brought international travel and public services to a standstill.

Why are they burning down their own city? Why, for justice, of course!
As dusk fell and tear gas lingered in the air, police helicopters circled over Parliament, where rows of police officers in gas masks and shields stood guard. “This is unacceptable — it’s worse than the junta,” said Giorgos Papageorgiou, a 52-year-old factory worker, referring to a seven-year military dictatorship in Greece that fell in 1974. Mr. Papageorgiou said the new law voted through Parliament would lower his monthly wage to ¤700 from ¤1,000 and make it harder for him to support his wife, who does not work, and their teenage daughter.

“Is this the democracy we fought for?” said Mr. Papageorgiou, wiping the white chalky remnants of tear gas from his face. “This is fascism.”
No, Mr. Papageorgiou, what you had was fascism. This is fiscal collapse, the natural denouement of fascism. Fascism is where an all-powerful government tells you what you can and can't buy, do, make and sell. Some markers of fascism are lots and lots of state-owned or state-controlled companies and rampant corruption because bribery is how you market to the all-powerful state bureaucracies. Sound familiar, Mr. Papageorgiou?

Too bad your school system taught lefty economic theory. Had it taught reality instead of garbage, you might have avoided this or at least been able to see these budget cuts for what they are - a well-deserved kick in the pants to a load of wastrels.

Oh well. Open another bottle of ouzo and drink deep, Mr. Papageorgiou. Tomorrow morning will come soon enough and you'll need to be out there with a broom and a dustpan.


Jeff Burton said...

Got another word for them (protesters and politicians): Malakas.

Alice Cook said...

I can't figure out how demonstrating helps the greeks. They are living beyond their means.

Alice Cook