Monday, December 13, 2010

North Korea's YouTube Channel

... is loaded with visual treats. This one seems like a real crowd pleaser!


Anonymous said...

After another long day of Patriotic People's Factory work, we have another 50 feet of train track. At this pace we shall finish the Pyonyang - North Pyongyang subway line by the year 2085, at which point we will start making rail cars.

Progress, Comrades!

Jeff Burton said...

For that that. This is the real deal. I can watch it for hours.

K T Cat said...

Jeff, that was totally awesome.

tim eisele said...

Well heck, what isn't there to love about a steel mill?

I'm a little surprised that their control room clearly showed a schematic of a blast furnace with an unreasonably-fast-moving skip car, but the rest of the video showed an electric arc furnace (which are exclusively used for scrap remelting).

I wonder if they have a video like the picture my father told me he was shown when he worked at a steel mill for a time: the top of a steel ladle, with a slightly darkened area in the shape of a man. With the backstory being that some poor soul had fallen in, and that was all that was left of him.