Sunday, December 26, 2010

Eucharistic Ministrations on Christmas

Yesterday I had the good fortune to be a eucharistic minister during Christmas Mass. Every time I do that I get choked up for some reason or another. I can't explain it and I didn't expect that when I started, but it just happens. Yesterday my wife and I served at a different Mass than usual and there was a larger than normal choir. Communion was out of rhythm - it was like square dancing with a new partner. It didn't seem like Communion was going to have the same emotional pop as usual because of the confusion. That is until the very last fellow came up to me.

He was a big, rugged man carrying his son who looked to be about 2 years old, maybe 3. I was serving the wine. The man took the chalice from me with a hearty, "Amen." His son watched him with a look of pure innocence, pure concentration and pure love. It was a beautiful, Norman Rockwell scene and I got to be a small part of it.

That was all it took. Another glorious, unforgettable moment. Thank you, God, for letting me be a part of that.

I hope your Christmas day gave plenty of the same kind of memories to you.

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Secular Apostate said...

It did, because Mrs Apostate and I were also EMsC on Christmas Day. Every time we do it it's special, but Christmas and Easter are very, very special indeed.