Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The Avocado Toast Insurrection

Going through music videos from Cardi B and Takashi 6ix9ine illustrates the utterly degenerate state of modern culture. Finding this essay from the editor of the student newspaper at UW Madison gives you a glimpse into the world of mainstreamed radicalism on our campuses. It is suffused with a hatred of America. It finishes with instructions on how to make a Molotov cocktail.

However, if the lives of these beautiful protestors continue to be threatened by a tyrannical government who seemingly does nothing to stop the death threats against black people vital to the Milwaukee community like Nitty and Coleman, I can offer some of the blunter tools of revolution and the fight against oppressors.

The university administration allowed this to remain on the newspaper's website. No surprise there as our campuses are staffed by radicals in the faculty and elsewhere.

The author, one Adam Kelnhofer, is an odd choice for a revolutionary firebrand. Here's a recent tweet of his, complaining about how hard his classes are. 

Gosh, you have to do some reading? That's got to be tough. Oh well. As wife kitteh says, adversity is the anvil on which character is forged. If you think that's all he has to deal with, here's more torture from his classrooms.

Professors b like: Yes If I make these lectures twice as long they will surely understand better, even though they probably won't have time to watch them all.

And I will definitely send each student 24 Canvas notifications every day to remind them they have things to do, even though that means all the students have time to do is constantly check notifications. 

I have never missed having in person classes more than now.

Whoa. Talk about roughing it! I'd say that these are the times that try men's souls, but that was originally spoken by a white man and, in any case, the formulation is triggering for womxn*.

This, then, is our budding leadership class. Agitators lobbying for lobbing homemade grenades while whining about having to read books and attend class. They're the participation trophy generation, a group of children who shave. They don't know how anything works because they've never done anything real themselves. They protest and riot and make Molotov cocktails thinking that they're the only ones who take action.

Their teachers are similarly petulant children, just older.

Just like the leaders in the Democratic Party, they don't understand that people who disagree with them have free will, too. Hence the surprise at the waves of police resignations and retirements. Hence the surprise at the doubling of violence in black communities when the cops pull back. 

When the rest of us don't act like pawns on a chessboard, calmly doing nothing while they act out, they're stunned.

Imagine how stunned they will be if they keep pushing the country towards civil war.

Many of the fighters in this video also had to complete a weekly reading assignment that was more than two chapters long. It's being investigated as a war crime.

* - For what it's worth, I am convinced that womxn is pronounced whoompskin.


Foxfier said...

For what it's worth, I am convinced that womxn is pronounced whoompskin.

*scribbling frantically* It is now!

K T Cat said...


Mostly Nothing said...

A chapter and a half with 18 questions to answer - the horror!

36 notifications over a day, lets call it 18 hours for simplicity. That works out to 2 an hour. With an average time of 15 seconds per notification, that only leaves 59 minutes and 30 seconds left in a hour! How can ANYTHING get done. This poor child is completely over worked. As a student at Madison, there is a required 10 hours of partying during the week, and infinite on the weekends.

Actually, I do have a nephew there, well he's a grad of ISU and is in veterinary school at UW. And I believe a couple of cousin's kids are there as well.

A listener to Joe Soucheray's Garage Logic podcast, came up with the term 'Maligent Idleness'. Joe came up with a definition of it. "We have become a nation of people who are waiting, instead of a people who are doing." This kid has had everything handed to him all his life, and is sitting like a lump wanting that to continue.

Mostly Nothing said...

Ope, not sure how I picked 36 from 24.

K T Cat said...

Malignant Idleness is a great phrase.

Fear not, however. The bill is coming due.