Saturday, October 17, 2020

Running Out Of Road

As I've watched our national debt climb, I've wondered what successful people do when a fiscal crisis hits. This year, I solved that conundrum by realizing that successful people get out of Dodge. The riots across America convinced me that it won't be just the financial depreciation of assets that will get you, it's will be the irrational and violent responses to it.

With that out of the way, there's been something else bothering me. What happens to the social justice movement when we hit the fiscal wall? Right now, we're desperately fighting white supremacist leprechauns. We've mobilized every element of society to root them out and deal with ... whatever it is white supremacist leprechauns do.

Meanwhile, days, weeks and months pass by and in communities where the traditional family has broken down, there are all kinds of social pathologies blooming, spreading, thriving, metastasizing, whatever verb you want to use.

We have yet to hit that wall. We still have a little bit of time where there is money, jobs and stability to deal with these pathologies - the real ones, not the ones with the leprechauns. We won't, of course, because the dominant religion is social justice and it is a jealous faith.

So going back to the original question, what happens to the social justice movement when we hit the wall? My bet is that everyone will stop caring about it. They'll be too busy trying to maintain their jobs and deal with asset depreciation and massive cuts in government services. The fiscal crisis may take a different form than that, but you get the idea. If you lose your job and government budgets are being cut, you won't have a lot of energy to spend on amplifying black voices as the NAACP ads are urging you to do now.

At that point, those communities, their degeneracy unaddressed while we had the chance, will be completely and utterly screwed.

Chasing white supremacist leprechauns is all good fun, but it's a luxury. We're running out of money for luxury goods.

Oh, they're out there alright. Just look at this one. You can't see it because it's out of frame, but up and to the right is a massive Confederate flag.

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