Monday, July 06, 2020

How Do You Put A Lid On This Thing?

In Atlanta, where the cops have bailed out, there was a massive street party which featured cars doing stunts and lots of gunfire. See if you can spot the cops in this video of the event.

No? Neither could I. Elsewhere in Atlanta, Black Lives Matter goons shot and killed an 8-year-old girl because her mom drove through one of their check points. Yes, a BLM checkpoint because the cops are no longer in charge of the streets.  

No marches or hashtags for you, young lady! You were a victim of the locals and therefore you don't count.

Mayor Keisha Bottoms decried all the violence and death, but her infantry have left the field. Her writ runs as far as the meeting rooms in the city office buildings. Outside of that, it's wild street parties and gunfire.

The mayor checks all the right demographic boxes, but, strangely, that doesn't seem to be helping.

Meanwhile, the news media, education system and entertainment industry are pumping racial paranoia as hard as they can. Two thoughts on this.

1. Keisha is somewhere on the Kubler-Ross stages of grief. My bet is that she is in the bargaining phase, still thinking that if she can root out the systemic racism in the city, her people will gain control again. LOL! There is no systemic racism, Keisha. While you look for leprechauns, the city is getting whacked.

2. The cops were the last ones to give up on the blacks in the city. Teachers graduated them even though they couldn't read. Entertainers appealed to their basest desires. The news media amplified their fears to gain attention. The Democrats talked race, race, race in order to keep their votes. The cops were the only ones who still had skin in the game and they've checked out. Good luck with that, kids.

The story is the same in other blue cities as the blue civil war continues to rage. Until the news media, entertainment and education decide to promote the virtues of America, the Keishas of the world are screwed.

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