Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Debt And Dads

... are the only two things that really matter. They are the only first-order problems in America. We're approaching $30T in debt and we're discovering what we should have known all along - that the police can't replace dads.

Our modern Nazi race mania is nothing more than a desperate attempt to avoid change. It's couched in terms like "leaning forward" or "fighting for change," but it's about as changeful as a block of cement sitting on the ground. Black boys grow up without dads and they end up illiterate and violent. If we addressed the marriage issue, we could hardly single out blacks because we're all doing the same thing. We don't want to hew to traditional morality so we don our cosplay outfits and fight nonexistent racism, pretending to help blacks who are only doing what we do. Yay.

Similarly, using deep blue Minnesota as an example, we allow the dadless crew to wreck major cities and then we think we can pay the repair bills with printed money. If we connected having with earning, we'd have nipped the riots in the bud. That would have meant sending in the surrogate dads in body armor to discipline the dad-deprived kids. Then we might have to face what we've done to marriage as well as our debt and we don't want that.

This is all a waste of time. The cancel culture isn't the problem, it's a symptom. The destruction of statues isn't the problem, it's a symptom. Painting words on streets isn't the problem, it's a symptom of a deeply unserious nation.

Notice that none of this has anything to do with politics. I'm coming to the conclusion that this might be the least important election of our lifetime. Oh, sure, I'll vote for Trump because I want to go over the cliff at Trump's sedate 25 MPH instead of the progs' insane 132 MPH. Unless we get serious, we're going over that cliff either way. We've got growing violence and instability baked into the system in the form of wrecked families and insane levels of debt.

What we need is fiscal prudence and dads.

"If I give you these, I can't pay for entitlements. You get nothing. If you want money, get a job."

The Gods of the Copybook Headings are nigh. (Apologies for the poor reading. It was the best I could find.)

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