Sunday, June 28, 2020

Purple With A New Camera

With wife kitteh's blessing, I broke down and bought a Nikon D3500 yesterday. I got the package with two lenses, one of which is an excellent telephoto lens. We went hiking in the afternoon, so I brought it along and took some shots. They were wonderful, although the subject matter was a bit vanilla. The camera behaves and feels like my old D60 Artillery Piece, but the sensor, the lenses and the processing are much, much better. You'd expect those improvements after a dozen years of development. The D60 was that old.

The sky was too overcast to try some moonshots last night, so I'll just share a macro photo with you of a purple thistle. I left the image huge so you could check out the detail. Despite that, this is still not full-sized. I shrank it about 30% to get to this point. The camera is that fine.


You might need to right-click, open-in-new-tab to see the full-sized version.


Ohioan@Heart said...

Wow. The detail is positively mind boggling. I’ve been using only my iPhone or my old Olympus E-500 (circa 2002). I simply hadn’t realized how much progress had been made in the actual digital cameras. With grandchild #5 coming, perhaps I should consider upgrading...

K T Cat said...

You should see it at full magnification. It's wild. Also, this was just a hipshot, taken as I was walking by the flower. I stopped long enough to stand still for it, but I didn't do much more than point and shoot.

As soon as the weather permits, I'm going to try the moon again.

ligneus said...

Wait till you start using it 'properly'! Watch that camera shake.

When I was young, [such a long time ago!] I always wanted a Hasselblad, [I actually had the Leica M3 which was fabulous too, I still miss using that camera], now with the Nikon D7100 24 mps and a [ahem] $1200 lens I swear I get better than I would have from the aforementioned H.

tim eisele said...

Nice! And I see that the camera isn't even all that expensive for a DSLR. I hope to see lots more pictures from it.