Friday, February 14, 2020

Valentine's Day Odds And Ends


This morning, elderly Pepito woke at 3 AM, bothered by something or other. We think he's between 16 and 18 years old and he seems to be getting a bit senile. He also has arthritis in his back legs and hips. It might have been pain, it might have been disorientation. Whatever it was, he woke up and when he's up, you need to deal with him because he won't go back to sleep until his needs are met.

I took him downstairs so wife kitteh could sleep. Happy Valentine's Day, honey!

By 4 AM, he was out cold. By 4 AM, I was hopelessly awake.

More Love

One of our sons is having a birthday bash at our house this weekend. Another son is taking one of his CPA tests today. Wires got crossed and the accountant son and his wife made plans to go out for Valentine's Day the same time as the lad's party. When they discovered the conflict, they canceled their dinner date so they could come and celebrate with the family.

That's love. It made me very happy.

Another Workbench

In the garage, we used to have a huge, green sofa. Back in the day, before the kids moved out, the garage was a video game room for the family. Now that everyone is gone, the sofa was just a junk collector. I donated it last week and this week I built another workbench. I finished it today. Hooray!

This one required a few tricks as I built it alone and the back wall has a cement lip at the bottom which made making the back legs difficult. I might describe it in a future post.
I hope you and yours are having a great day.


Foxfier said...

*eyeballs bench to get ideas for basement storage*

I'm making an insanely overbuilt bookshelf for the upstairs-- it's 2x6x92s for all parts except the 10 inch 2x2s supporting each shelf-- because it's cheaper than buying a bookshelf and it might survive the kids.

But that looks like a very good option for the basement.

Mostly Nothing said...

With son #2 living at home for now. I'm in a stand off in the work room. I don't want to clean his mess, so I can't do anything in the work room.

In the end. I will be the one to clean. But I'm holding out. I did manage to clear space enough in front of the band saw to replace the tires on wheels and the blade.

Little victories.

Mostly Nothing said...

As to basement storage. I put up shelves in the garage a month ago. I went with the tracks that arms lever into and boards across them.

Installation was easy, and the shelves are very strong. And organization is much easier.

I'm considering tearing out some 25 year old 2x4 and any old piece of scrap shelves that I built when we got the house.