Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Seven Howler Monkeys Walk Into A Bar

... or maybe onto a debate stage.

I keep promising to get off this track, but thoughts occur to me that I want to share, so here we are again. This time it's really simple. John Harris, writing at Politico, pointed out the obvious.
The snarling incoherence of the latest Democratic presidential debate Tuesday evening made it painfully hard to follow.
The Democrats' debates have turned into apes screaming at each other because they're not debating anything substantial. They agree on everything, so all that's left is poo flinging and loud noises.

These are highlights from last night's debate. Or maybe it was the Vegas debate. Or maybe an earlier one. Or it could be a preview of a future one.


Whether it's government mandating health care or slaughtering babies as they are being born or pledging undying support to women who think they're Cleopatra men, there isn't a sliver of difference between them. They all want to take more money from successful people and they all despise profit. Bernie is called a radical, but everyone says they agree with his goals.

For crying out loud, they all want to give free health care to illegals. After that, what's left? Racism? Nope, they all think America is profoundly racist.

This is the natural end point of the left's cancel culture. No one is allowed to disagree with the mob. Anyone getting out of line with progressive thought is going to be obliterated. The Democrats made this bed full of howler monkeys and now they get to watch their candidates jump up and down on it, screaming at each other and tearing the sheets to shreds.

Live it up, kids.

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