Thursday, February 20, 2020

Facing An Angry Mob After Bloomberg Leaves

... is the DNC's future.

Last night's obliteration of Mike Bloomberg on the debate stage was one of the most predictable things imaginable, perhaps exceeded in predictability only by the rock-solid support Bernie gets from college students. That the DNC and its army of "intelligentsia" snobs in the media didn't see this coming and can't decipher its meaning shows you just how stupid they are.

The most telling moment of the night was when Amy Klobuchar defended capitalism to only a smattering of applause. When you add that to their boundless support for normalizing the mental illness of the transgendered, it screams at you that the Democrats have gone insane. Throwing Mike Bloomberg into that madhouse was like throwing plush toys at pit bulls. Of course he was torn to shreds. Of course he was.

While the DNC tries to hold one end of Mike Bloomberg (his wallet), the progressives pull him apart from the other end.

The left wing of the Democratic Party have become the Nazis, thanks to political indoctrination in our schools and from our news media. "People of color are oppressed by the wealthy and the wealthy are straight, white men" is indistinguishable from "Germans are oppressed by the wealthy and the wealthy are Jews." No one looking on this through an objective lens could have been surprised at the results on that stage. The white, straight billionaire was torn to pieces by the crazed ideologues.

What's more, the DNC has now totally destroyed their brand inside their own party. By prostituting themselves to Bloomberg, they confirmed the Nazis' fears. The straight, white billionaire was using the system to silence their voices just like the progressive pundits have been saying. When he got torched on stage, the DNC and all of the sellouts in the media who Bloomberg bought must have had the sickening feeling that they had sacrificed their virtue in a losing cause.

When Bloomberg drops out and his money has left the scene, the DNC and the sellouts will face the wrath of the Nazi mob alone.

The most amazing thing to me is that they deliberately created this environment themselves and are now surprised by the results. That's their education industry. They own it, lock, stock and barrel. That's their news media. That's their entertainment industry. They fed their followers a steady stream of Nazi propaganda pushing racially-obsessed socialism and now they're shocked that it took root and spread like crabgrass.

I spent a little time today clicking around lefty websites and can't find anyone who can see the freight train heading at them. Their bubble is that thick.

This is going to get worse for them before it gets better.


ligneus said...

Good time to buy Popcorn Futures.

ligneus said...

It seems they've given up on the Presidency and are hell bent to win the House and regain the Senate in order to stop Trump in his tracks, no more conservative judges, no bills passed from the Trump side, lots more impeachment crap as a mud slinging exercise, and hope that will give them ammo and momentum for 2024.