Friday, September 06, 2019

Wrecking Lives With A Smug Smile

Where do we go after this?

If you didn't know, Leif was an ordinary dude who was hired to do some work you'll never see, but needed to be done. Ben sifted through Leif's social media content, took some quotes out of context and used them to get Leif fired. My bet is that Ben had never met Leif and this was just political cosplay. Ben, pretending to be a prog superhero, was proud of his "SCOOP." I'll bet he thought he was fighting "hate."

Where do we go after this? What if Leif needed the job because his mortgage was in arrears? What if he needed the health care for life-saving treatments for one of his kids? What if, melodramatic scenarios aside, Leif got really ticked off and decided to take vengeance?

My prediction: If a future Leif decides to take revenge on a future Ben, the press will erupt into paroxysms of self-pity and victimhood, claiming that Trump or whatever conservative is handy at the time contributed to the atmosphere of hatred against the press.

My second prediction: By the time it happens, it won't matter what the press has to say. They will have obliterated their goodwill with a huge chunk of the population by attacking normal schlubs like Leif Olson. Things will have escalated and control will be even harder.

Meanwhile, the country is at peace and more prosperous than ever.

I dunno, man. If I had a 32% trust level, I might not be out there doxxing Normals and wrecking their lives. Just sayin'.

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