Sunday, April 14, 2019

If Michael Knowles Was A Muslim

... he wouldn't have been attacked or heckled when he tried to speak at the University of Missouri - Kansas City. The speech was entitled "Men are not Women."

If you haven't heard, conservative podcaster and author, Michael Knowles, was invited to give a speech at UMKC and ended up being physically attacked and then loudly heckled during his speech. The attacker was wrestled to the ground and arrested by police, but the hecklers managed to ruin the event.

I found the speech on YouTube, converted it to MP3 and tried to listen to it, but the screaming by SJW activists who had infiltrated the audience for just this purpose was so severe that it effectively wrecked the talk. It was like Michael was giving a talk at an insane asylum. Below is a snippet.

A couple of things occured to me.
  1. Where was the Catholic Church? Knowles is a Catholic and his assertion that men are not women is in complete accord with the teaching of the Church. If he can't speak Truth, then the rest of us can't, either. Where are our defenders in the clergy? They have no problems yapping about Global Warming Climate Change, open borders and such like, but when it comes to protecting the laity, they take a powder.

  2. If Knowles had been a Muslim, the protestors would have skipped the talk. First, he would have been considered a victim of white, patriarchal oppression and therefore off limits. Second, the protestors would have been afraid to give him a hard time. If Knowles was a muslim and brought along Mohammed, Achmed and some of the boys, their glares and physicality would have been more than enough to shut up any SJWs who tried to heckle.

  3. One of the reasons civilized people don't do this is that they don't want their own events ruined by hecklers from the other side. At our universities, however, the other side, Knowles' side, is effectively muzzled. The lefties have a monopoly on power and have no fear of reprisals.

  4. The mob's veto power over speech is a capricious thing. Today it's all about transgender rights. Tomorrow, it will be ... whatever the mob wants. 

  5. Why do people go to talks and think they have a perfect right to scream at the speaker? What happened to good manners? Good manners are predicated on respect for others. If the only thing that matters is how you feel, which is what Ben Shapiro argues in his recent book, then good manners don't apply if you feel threatened or you think others do. When feelings trump rational discourse, you get Knowles speaking in front of a pack of psychotics.


Ilíon said...

"The mob's veto power over speech is a capricious thing. Today it's all about transgender rights. Tomorrow, it will be ... whatever the mob wants."

It's not random. The mob wants whatever it is that their puppet-masters tell them to want. And their puppet-masters tell them to want whatever will weaken civilization in general and America in particular.

Ultimately, this is a war against God ... and they are prosecuting the war by means of convincing and/or browbeating the Image of God to renounce that Image.

Foxfier said...

Good manners are only for the Unjust.

The Righteous are cloaked in their glow of perfection, and indeed the fact that one is a horrifically rude twit is a sign of your righteousness.


tim eisele said...

"but the hecklers managed to ruin the event."

Now, that raises an interesting question: Does Michael Knowles consider the event to have been ruined? If he hadn't been heckled, but instead had just given a talk to some nice, civilized people who politely listened to what he said, would he have gotten any news coverage to speak of? Would you have ever even heard of the event? Would you have made the effort to seek out the video and listen to it? Would you have posted it on your blog so that other people would see it who would not have seen it otherwise?

Given how unruffled he appeared in that clip you posted, I think this was exactly the response he was expecting, he had planned for it, and he took full advantage of it to get attention that he would never otherwise have gotten. And the hecklers probably never even realized that they were playing right into his hands.

Ilíon said...

Concerning the Burning of Norte Dame ---

It's a horrible thing, Yet, as an on-line friend said:
=="And honestly, maybe it's for the best [that there will be nothing left after the fire is put out]. They'd probably remove all the Christian symbology from the rebuilt version in order to be "inclusive." The inevitable mosque they'll put where [the Christian cathedral] used to be will be less insulting."==