Sunday, February 03, 2019

Worrying About Pointless Things

... is what happens when we all get in a lather about whether some medical student went to a party in blackface.

It's also how we show that we really care, if the unimportant thing is currently hip, like people in blackface. We're standing up against hatred and bigotry while not actually accomplishing anything.

Meanwhile, about half of all black pregnancies end in abortion and of the remaining babies who are born, about 3/4 of them don't have a married father in the house. That means that in about 7/8 of all black pregnancies, the woman is effectively abandoned.

It's all good, though. We tell everyone that all families are equal and we stand up against drunk med students wearing blackface costumes. Don't worry about the fatherless children in the black community or the rest of the country which isn't far behind. They'll be fine.

As Crosby, Stills and Nash would say, love the one you're with, man. It's all groovy.

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Foxfier said...

I think it's less that we care that a college guy was an idiot, than we care that the standards the infanticide party is pushing are only applied to the right not to be killed party.