Friday, February 01, 2019

It's Not The Met Gala, It's The After Party

... where they all talk about how the Deplorables are, well, deplorable.

The inestimable Sid Pound, who inestimable because he follows me on Twitter, posted this clever tidbit.

If you're not keeping up with Catholic Twitter, we Catholics are enraged that the pusillanimous Cardinal Dolan of NY won't excommunicate Heinrich Himmler Governor Cuomo after he cut the ribbon for the opening of a new death camp signed into law a bill for slaughtering babies. A lot of Catholics are wondering just what it would take to get excommunicated. I'm not.

Sid's right, the Cardinal would miss out on all the parties thrown by the Secular Left. He probably gets invites to many of them as he's a (mostly) reliable member of the cult. You could see his extreme discomfort in his whiny statements on the bill. "Come on, guys, we're all good progressives together. Why did you do this? Golly, now I'm going to have to figure out what to say to those mouth-breathing cretins that go to our churches every Sunday. It's just not fair."

Losing out on the parties would be bad enough, but the underlying, err, excommunication from the Team on the Right Side of History would be far worse. All of those Smart People in the Secular Left would get the wrong idea and yell at him. It would take forever to restore his reputation as a prog and who wants to waste time doing that when there's Global Warming Climate Change to fight?

So the good cardinal consulted his canon lawyer, who should be shot out of a cannon along with the cardinal, and got the all-clear sign. "Nope, can't do it. I'd love to show my spine, but he says I can't. Since my staff keeps my spine in a jar in the back office, I can't very well show it without their permission. Let's all just issue some Strongly Worded Statements and then get back to being disappointed with the nastiness in our society."

The real, unspoken reason he didn't pull the trigger on Cuomo is pretty simple.

He didn't want to because for the most part, he agrees with the guy. The cardinal is a member of the Secular Left himself. He believes in almost all of their tenets. Their politics are more important than any particular law and certainly more important than the Catholic faith. If a few babies need to die of exposure in the cause of Social Justice, well, you can't make a Resist Omelette without breaking a few fertilized eggs.

It's a few eggs. I mean, in the grand scheme of all births in the world, it's really just a few.

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Foxfier said...

IIRC, technically, the Governor already excommunicated himself automatically.

That said....yes, I am kinda pissed at there being more lectures about "hey make sure you let illegals in" than "don't kill babies."

When killing babies is a much bigger problem.