Friday, January 04, 2019


I'm in a hurry today, so this is just a quick hit, something I thought of recently in a context I hope to blog at a later date.

If you had a cow and cut off her udder and then jacked her up with male bovine hormones, would you feel justified in telling your friends she was a bull? Do you think they would look at you like you were crazy?

He identifies as a cow.


tim eisele said...

I wouldn't have called her a bull, obviously, but we did have a cow that beat up a new bull so badly that he was reduced to cowering in the corner of the pasture, and wouldn't come near the cows afterwards.

We switched to 100% artificial insemination after that. A bull tough enough to stand up to the likes of her would have been too dangerous to keep around the farm.

K T Cat said...

Here is an appropriate, educational video.