Saturday, October 06, 2018

A World Where The Red Pill Makes Sense

... is not a world I want. Dig this.
As the progs have fallen over themselves, culturally trying to stab a good man to death like he was Julius Caesar in the Curia of Pompey, I've wondered what effect this is having on normal men and women, specifically normal, unmarried men and women.

Bill Palmer, whose tweet I embedded above, is symptomatic of progressive men, Vichy males who wriggle in pleasure as they vie to see which can attack manhood and collaborate with the crazed feminists the fastest. Meanwhile, normal young men are watching this and taking note. The personal is now political, so relationships have become a vicious power struggle and good, accomplished men are being torn to pieces right in front of them.

You'd be an idiot not to take the red pill in a world like that.

In case you didn't know, taking the red pill is where a man approaches sexual relationships in a predatory manner, learning as much as he can about women's vulnerabilities so he can ruthlessly exploit them to gain power and extract as much sex from the relationship as he can. If the feminists are going to fight to the death to ruin Brett Kavanaugh and the leaders of our culture are going to collaborate with them, the red pill is the only sensible choice.

Feminists want a fight and the red pill males are happy to give it to them. So the two sides launch all-out war and the casualties are normal men and women. Love, softness, kindness, protectiveness, nurturing - none of that enters into the vocabulary of either of the combatants. Anyone who tries to suggest that those should be our goals is screamed down by the warriors. It's all about raw power and dominance. Real love isn't about dominance it's about mutual surrender. "Well, screw that! We won't surrender to you any more!" is the war cry from both sides.

So what does a young man or young woman do? Do you try to cling to romantic notions of how to love while everything in the media is screaming at you to join the fight? It must be like trying to avoid enlisting after Pearl Harbor. "What's wrong with you? Didn't you see what the Japs Brett Kavanaugh did to us her? If you don't help the war effort, you're on their side!" Taking the red pill and learning how to exploit the enemy, err, women, just makes sense as good men are destroyed right in front of you.

In all of this, have you seen anyone defending traditional romance? I haven't. Sad. Instead, we get calls for total war from our cultural leaders.

Well, for one generation, at least. After that, things get a bit murky.


Foxfier said...

There's always the other option-- leave the guys screaming about picking a side.

Especially a good idea for those who are innocent, since the innocent make better prey.

IlĂ­on said...

"In all of this, have you seen anyone defending traditional romance? I haven't. Sad. Instead, we get calls for total war from our cultural leaders."

I suspect that "traditional romance" is part of the problem.

Feminism exists (and continues to exist) for two main reasons --
1) it advances the (narrow) interests of some powerful men over and against the interests of all the rest of us (including of women) ... and the feminist *understand* this, which is why they know better than to bite the hand that feeds them;
2) most of the rest of us men are too cowardly to say "No" to women ... and a big part of that cowardice is due to "traditional romance".