Wednesday, August 01, 2018

The Nantahala Forest At 500 MPH

Here's a quick edit of a video segment from what we took yesterday using the windshield mount for the GoPro Hero3. It gives you an idea of what it's like driving the RV - it's like looking out of the eye slit of a knight's helmet.

I think the speed is too fast and I want to do some post-processing on the lighting, but we're off to explore Asheville and I don't have time to get too involved. I'll leave that for when we get back to the Catican Compound in San Diego.

In the meantime, enjoy! It's 1280 HD, so it might be worth watching it on YouTube in fullscreen mode.

1 comment:

Foxfier said...

Looking forward looks a lot like the pickups and non-mini-vans I've driven-- but I suspect the lack of "I can look backwards" would drive me NUTS.