Friday, July 27, 2018

The Pre-Vacation Camera Test

... and for me, it's no contest. Fuji for the win!

I've got the old Nikon Artillery Piece (a D60), a Nikon point-and-shoot and  Fuji X-T10. See what you think. We're heading to Dixie today and I'm taking te Fuji and the point-and-shoot. The Artillery Piece has an awesome zoom lens which the Fuji lacks, but it's clear I need to summon the artillery calibration team.

Jalapenos, Zoomed


Nikon Artillery Piece

Nikon Point-And-Shoot

Salvias, Not Zoomed


Nikon Artillery Piece

Nikon Point-And-Shoot


tim eisele said...

It looks like the Fuji images are a bit more crisp, too. I expect either it has a faster shutter speed, or it is just lighter enough that you are having an easier time holding it steady. And hauling around a tripod for the big camera to correct this problem would kind of just be icing on the whole inconvenience cake.

How does one go about adjusting the color calibration on a DSLR, anyway?

In any case, I agree that a good point-and-shoot gives sufficiently good quality pictures that it generally isn't worth hauling along a full-size camera on a routine vacation. I've taken to just using my TG-3 on trips (partly because it is lighter and takes generally adequate picures, and partly because it is a ruggedized waterproof camera that I'm not too concerned about damaging). Oh, there are times when the Canon macro camera would have been better (like the spiders I posted last week), but in general it's good enough.

Now, on a trip whose purpose is specifically to take pictures that are likely to require fancy lenses, that's another story . . .

ligneus said...

Fuji has gained a good reputation in recent years and better lenses don't exist.

Ashwni Kumar said...

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