Monday, July 16, 2018

Searching For A Reason For The Putin Panic

Wouldn't that be a cool new dance? The Putin Panic?

Can someone please tell me what's the big deal with the Trump-Putin summit? For the life of me, I can't figure out why everyone has their panties in a wad over it. Yeah, they've got a lot of nukes, but that's about it. If that moron Podesta hadn't fallen for a phishing scheme, we'd never have had the Russia-Democrat-Bonehead-Email Scandal.

It's a wonder the Nigerian prince who inherited $17,000,000 didn't get to Podesta first.

Anyway, the Putin summit is a big deal because ... reasons. Someone told me recently that the issue was Russian aggression. Aggression with what? Their army is tiny for their land mass size and they lack the ability to project power outside of a 20-mile radius around their borders. If that prime buffoon Obama had given the Ukrainians lethal aid, they would have been able to wipe out a decent chunk of Russia's operational units.

I did some research and found the Russians have lost the ability to direct fires and coordinate attacks. Their missiles might have great accuracy, which itself is debatable, but they can't see where to shoot the things.

That leaves you with ... what? A wasting population with one of the lowest birth rates in the world? A ossified economy reliant on only one export - petroleum and related products? Wow. Better jump into the bunker, it's the Russians!  Or not. It looks to me like we can safely ignore them.


Here, a Russian assault vehicle attacks a small park.

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