Monday, July 23, 2018

Joe Biden Vs. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Don't you figure there were plenty of Germans who went along with the Nazis reluctantly? The ones who heard the parts about the need for resurgent German pride, loathed the chaos of the Wiemar Republic and hated the punitive Treaty of Versailles, but didn't really like the whole anti-Semitic / invade everyone thing? These were the people educated in pre-Hitler Germany, where classical Enlightenment texts were used and Nietzsche wasn't seen as a genius, but a nut. By comparison, the people raised in the Hitler Youth were probably full-blooded Nazi loons.

Joe Biden has always struck me as the typical, smug, lefty opportunist. He has never come across as a power-mad nutjob the way Hillary did and certainly not as a panting, bug-eyed radical on the order of Ocasio-Cortez. Oh sure, he's willing to use the Democrat-Nazi racialist talk when he needs the black vote - "They want to put y'all back in chains!" -  but it never comes out of his mouth with the spittle and rage that you get with Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Here's my hypothesis. Joe's generation of Democrats grew up in the pre-postmodernist education system where we still taught the classics because they were classics. He might go along with tearing down pictures of dead, white guys at Harvard and removing Shakespeare from the curriculum, but it would be a mercenary act, a way to secure votes instead of the cultural violence of a true believer. He'd read Shakespeare and Dickens and his history textbooks as a child were relatively free of race-mongering. He might go along with the Nazis, but he isn't a Nazi deep down in his heart.
Aside: The more I see from the leftward lurch of the Democrats, the more I see them as Nazis without ambition. They tick off all the boxes.
  • Centralize authority in the government at the Federal level 
  • Expand that authority until it covers every aspect of life
  • Obsess on identity politics in general and race in particular
  • Goon squads in the street (universities) to enforce cultural orthodoxy
  • Desirous to exterminate Judeo-Christian culture unless it knuckles under and supports them 
  • No international ambitions: Invading other countries and war is out of the question
Meanwhile, Coates and Ocasio-Cortez grew up under the tutelage of the postmodernist education system. If my daughter's experience in public school is any guide, they were taught racialism first and useful information second. Every class not in math or science focused on or was informed by race. She was raised by her teachers to be an activist, not a wife, mother or employee.

This is the source of the Democrats' generational conflict. Ocasio-Cortez is aligned with Bernie against centrist Democrats because she's a full-on Nazi loon. It's a decent bet she's never encountered any serious treatment of ideas outside those of the postmodern progressives. In fact, they've been taught that anyone even slightly affirming ideas not in lockstep with the progs is full of hate from racism, sexism, homophobia and more. Hence, the reflexive screaming when they encounter someone like Jordan Peterson.

Meanwhile, the Bidens of the world are mystified by Cortez's attacks. Why, that's not done, my dear. You need to moderate your speech and go along with your elders. The Cortezes of the world narrow their eyes and stare at the Bidens, wondering how much hatey-hate-hate is deep in their souls. Biden doesn't realize that his talk of moderation cannot take root in Cortez's head because all moderating concepts were categorized as hateful hate by her postmodernist teachers.

So here we are. The progs took over the education system, entertainment and the media and then purged all opposing thought so the new generation grew up as Obama Youth. If he runs in 2020, Biden might manage to get the older folks' votes, but the centrists' time is quickly running out.

Isn't this what you wanted when you enforced your orthodoxies, progs?

Unlike the wimpy Bidens of the world, these guys don't tolerate hate.

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