Thursday, July 26, 2018

I Want Twitter To Tell Me How Awful I Am

... before they shadowban or outright terminate me.

There's a lot of talk these days about Twitter shadowbanning conservatives. That's where you no longer show up in searches, making it difficult to find you. I've seen plenty of tweets talking about how this or that conservative had their account suspended. Allegedly, there's an algorithm for these things.

Why not let us see our score from that algorithm?

Think about it. If the goal was to tame the dog-eat-dog world of the Twitterverse, wouldn't it be better to let people know if they were on the edge instead of just letting them know with a pink slip? I went on a rant today about seminarians getting raped by a Catholic cardinal. Was that too close to the edge or was that OK? How am I supposed to know?

I think Twitter would be way better off if they gave us a way to find out our Obnoxiousness Score.

I think I redlined it with those tweets, man. Time to dial it back.

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