Tuesday, July 03, 2018

History Changes Its Mind

Remember back when we were on the right side of history letting everyone cross our southern border? Yes, we had laws, but Barack Obama refused to enforce them because, you know, that's not who we were and the Arc of History was bending towards Justice and all.

History is a fickle mistress.

Merkel is getting pummeled in Germany for leaving the doors wide open.
BERLIN— Angela Merkel’s fight to secure her shaky coalition faced a new hurdle on Tuesday as the German chancellor moved to persuade her center-left allies to back tighter immigration rules.

After two weeks of wrangling that brought her government close to a collapse, the German leader and her rebellious interior minister reached a compromise late on Monday on measures that would make it easier for police to expel some migrants who turn up at Germany’s southern border.
Italy is telling the NGOs rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean just where to go.
MILAN -- Italy's populist, anti-migrant interior minister said Friday that Malta should allow a Dutch-flagged rescue ship carrying hundreds of migrants rescued from rubber dinghies off the Libyan coast to make port there because the ship is now in Maltese waters. "We ask humanly and politically that Malta finally opens one of its ports and lets these desperate people disembark," and then seize the ship, Salvini said.
I love CBS' anti-Italian bigotry*.  The Italian interior minister is "anti-immigrant?" Err, I don't think so. He's anti-illegal-immigrant, you hopeless purveyors of fake news and enemies of free people everywhere.

Meanwhile, the polls show that Americans are pretty supportive of being tough at the US border, so long as the kids don't get thrown in dungeons or whatever it was that was supposed to be happening.

So just what happened to being on the right side of History? Hmm. Maybe History had a little talk with Douglas Murray.

* - Hey, two sides can play the over-the-top labeling game, you know.

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